Friday, April 2, 2010


Today is a saturday.And i woke up at 820am. *clap clap* Its a new record.My cousin is getting married today.Hope it goes well.And i also hope man utd wins tonight against chelsea.Yeah!

Thursday, February 11, 2010

Jan 2010 first post for 2010.i've been very lazy early this year.or maybe i'm just lazy? january.hmm.nothing much.celabrated new year with my cousins. kinda last minute planning.

Then went to Cherating early morning on the 1st of Jan.Meeting SRPians batch 87.Had loads of fun there.Meeting geng2 lame.Lots of catching up and reminiscing about the past.

Went to Genting with cousins.

Oh yeah, celebrated my birthday by cleaning up the rent house in Cyber.hmm.thats about all i think.yeah.I'm bored.anyone wanna play wimme??zzz

Sunday, December 27, 2009


Problems.Do they come to us or we go search for them???

Thursday, December 24, 2009


taking the easy way works but not all the time.pls remind me..

Monday, October 5, 2009


pak guard mmu tunjuk peace kt aku..hmm..

Saturday, June 27, 2009

@ss hole

It was a fine Saturday. The whole family went out to catch a movie and have dinner. When we got home the door was already open. Damn @sshole broke into our house. Stupid mofo f*ck u i hope u get caught and ur hands get chopped off. I lost my laptop!Damn it was a new laptop just about a year old. The stupid mofo was smart enough to take the power adapter but luckily he was stupid enough not to take the other 3 laptops. I'm greatfull that all the other 3 laptops was not stolen also coz they are out in the living room and my laptop was in my room. Some of my mom's and sisters' jewellery are also stolen. Also some of my dad's watches. Seems that the mofo didn't go to my bro's bedroom. Damn i still can't believe that it happened. Still hoping that my laptop was somewhere in the house. My joko also dissapeared for a while. Luckily it came home after a while. Aih. So sad so mad.

Monday, June 8, 2009

1st d@y

Today is the 1st day of my internship.Gler kentang.Bgn pagi awl gler.Then kul 640 dh kluar umah.Smpi tmpt keje kul 7 lebih.Patut smpi kul 830.Pergh mmg sangap gler la nk menunggu smpi kul 830.Bajet jln jam smpi ngam2 kul 830.Silap bajet plak.Ahahahah

Okay gak la keje ni.Maybe sbb br 1st day kot tak rase sangap lagi kot.Tmpt keje pn ok la org2 die.While I was busy installing and setting one of the PCs, tetibe ade plak pak cik ni berkata "Mlm ni aku nk buat anak.Nak kena minum kopi kuat!" sambil die berjalan ke arah aku.Die amik mug die kt meja *rupe2nye PC yg aku tgh config tu PC die* lpas tu die pandang aku dan berkata "Eh ade budak kecik plak.Ko tak bley dengar benda2 mcm ni."Ngahhahaha.Mmg tergelak aku dlm hati smbil senyum sorg2.Pak cik sorg ni plak tak abis2 suruh aku install kn pirated software.Hahahah.

Dh penat keje aku pn blk dgn perasaan puas hati.Gi kt gate nk baya parking dgn konfiden nye aku bukak tingkap kasi tix parking + rm4.Brader parking dh usya pelik kt gua.Wa igt wa kasi terlebih, rupenye tak cukup.Aku baca sign board parking tu aku igt klau parking 1 hari smpi lpas kul 5 ptg rm4 je,rupenye lpas kul 5 masuk br rm4.Mmg menggelabah jap aku.Brader tu pn ckp "Mahal ni bang.Ko baru keje sini ke?Ko masuk dr kul 7 td mmg mahal ni bang". Aku tanye brape die jawab lg "Mahal ni bang!" Amik ko rm26 cash.Pergh botak kepala aku cmni.Mmg trus down semangat aku.Elok plak dh kne parking mahal, aku bley bantai silap jalan plak.Amik ko jam + tol mahal.So kesimpulan nya esk gi keje naik public transport.